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A Complete OST Solution

OST is a fragile format. It needs too much protection from dangerous viruses and malwares. It stores mail content offline and thus, is located in computer’s hard drive just like any other email data. However, that is not the only problem associated with this format. This format also needs conversion to other formats just to run in any email client.

However, all of these OST tantrums can be easily handled once you grab an easy OST tool. One such is OST Extractor Pro.

OST Extractor Pro: – A complete guide

OST Extractor Pro is a perfect solution for all OST related problems. The tool with all the prominent features which can come handy with OST leaves no stone unturned in taming OST format. It has a success rate of 100%.

OST Extractor Pro is a product of USL software. This company has created numerous benchmarks in the field of email converter tools. With OST Extractor Pro, it has won the sector of OST to PST conversion too.

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Given below are some advantages associated with OST Extractor Pro:-

1 – Easy to use – OST Extractor Pro has exhilarating ease to it. The task makes OST related tasks easy even, for laymen. It has a highly interactive Graphical user interface and self-explanatory wizards which guide users through every OST process. In a nutshell, with OST Extractor Pro, OST related processes become a delight.

2 – Extracts OST like a professional – Unlike other tools, OST Extractor Pro can extract OST files from every source possible. The tool has amazing extraction skills, thanks to its amazing technology.

3 – Converts OST files to any format – OST Extractor Pro is a true versatile tool. It can not only convert your OST files to PST but also to every format of any other standard email client. OST Extractor Pro is a true value for money.

4 – Preserves folder hierarchy – OST Extractor Pro can also preserve folder hierarchy with ease. It has all that it takes to keep the folder arrangement intact. Customers do not face any post-conversion problem with this tool.

5 – Allows freedom of choice – With OST Extractor Pro, customers get freedom of choice whether it is about allocating size of OST files to be converted or selecting only a few files for conversion. The tool makes sure that it leaves customers feeling empowered.

Free trial version

OST Extractor Pro has a free trial version which can help you indefinitely in knowing the tool more. The demo version with all the premium features of OST Extractor Pro will let you see the tool’s functioning for yourself without spending a dime.

You should take care of these pre-requisites before heading to OST Extractor Pro’s website to download its free trial version.

complete ost solutions


OST Extractor Pro only works with MAC OS 10.11, 10.12, 10.13.

For Windows

In Windows OST Extractor Pro does not require Microsoft Outlook anymore. However, it requires Microsoft .NET framework 4.0 or higher. It is only compatible with Outlook 97 to 2016 or office 365 OST files, along with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and server 2008/2012.

Download OST Extractor Pro now, and you will never regret another OST related process.

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