Apple Mail Export Conversion on Mac

Apple Mail Export conversion on Mac OS X

Apple Mail Export conversion does not have to be a demanding task, just choosing the right software will rid you of all the problems ever faced in mail conversion. Mail Extractor Pro by USL software is recommended by experts to bring to you the best ever mail conversion experience along with highly effective features that make the process a pleasant one.

Apple Mail Export Conversion

Apple Mail Export Conversion

Head in the right direction with effective technology

Using this software makes all the difference. Whether you are beginner or someone who has been converting Apple Mail to PST for quite some time now. Transferring apple to pst whether for device change or for the purpose of data transfer is quite easy. One just needs to press a few buttons and wait for just a few minutes. After the software has auto-selected all the data in the apple mail. Then the user can select those that they want to convert. From there one can select those folders that they want to convert. After choosing the files, they can also determine the size of the PST files, select the location for their storage.

Carries the procedure in the mac itself

There is no need to manually transfer the data first to the windows to properly export Apple Mail to PST format. This technology is a huge relief, saving both time and energy of the users. Additionally, it can also make the software a safe place for all sorts of data. Making sure that none of the folders left behind from the conversion.

Saves time from conversion

Another fantastic method to save time during Apple Mail Export conversion is to use the bulk conversion facility. This software makes it available to its users at no extra cost. The users can convert various files in a single session, thereby saving a lot of time for the users at the end.

Keeps metadata, unicode and other unique data safe

While using this software one does not have to worry about the safety of their data, this software makes sure of that. Metadata can consist of small yet quite important components of data, this software works on keeping them secure.

Some languages use double-byte characters, usually you can locate them in languages like korean, chinese and japanese. When one uses this software they do not have to worry about the safety of files which are in such languages.

Intact folder hierarchy at all costs

Unlike users of an ordinary software, the users of this software do not have to come face to face to a screen with scattered folders. The folders and subfolders are arranged hierarchically. So, one does not have to waste time looking for any files when they need them.

Since this software is free of bugs, the users do not have to be worried about the safety of the data or the effectiveness of the process.

Get yourself the process for free with the demo version. You can also download the full version straight from the link below.

Apple Mail Export Conversion on Mac OS X

Mail Extractor Pro helps you for Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX & EML to PST conversion.

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