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To convert Apple Mail to Outlook affordably, choose this tool!

There is plenty of false information out there about how to convert Apple mail files to Outlook format. The tools which are claimed to be the best usually turn out to be the worst night mare for the process. The only reliable and credible Apple mail to Outlook converter tools are least popular because of their high price tag. This high demand in price lets practitioners to try out their luck with incompetent but inexpensive tool. However, now there is no need to continue this practice. As the most affordable and credible tool for the process of Apple mail to Outlook conversion is available to us. This tool is called Mail Extractor Pro and it is a product of USL software.

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook (Mac & Win)


apple mail to outlook

What makes a tool reliable for Apple mail to Outlook conversions? Usually the tool should be very safe for the database. The tool should also have amazing speed in the conversion process. The tool should be able to convert in bulk and also preserve the folder arrangement. These are some of the basic requirements of any conversion process.

This Apple mail to Outlook converter tool performs beyond these normal expectations. It can help anyone convert Apple mails in just one session in the shortest span of time. The tool also allows for preservation of folder arrangement. This helps in easy access of converted files.

What is astonishing about this tool is the fact that it is very affordable. The tool has many amazing features for which its low price seems very surreal. The tool has three main licenses to choose from. These licenses have been organized so that anyone can benefit from the services these licenses have to offer.

convert apple mail to outlook

Get it to Convert Apple Mail to Outlook

The first license of the tool is called Standard license. Standard license is the perfect license for any small social group like family and friends. If many people who are socially connected find mutual need for conversion of Apple mail files to PST format, they should try out this license of this tool.

The second license of the tool allows small businesses to grow their business. The tool makes it possible for startups, small technical units to convert Apple mail database to PST format very easily and affordably. Only for $199, any small business group can buy this license.

For large enterprises, the tool has a license worth millions but offered at only US$ 499. The license of the tool enables any large corporation to convert Apple mail database to PST files in bulk.

There is a free trial version of this tool available. Make use of that tool to check the credibility of this tool. And then, do not wait to start converting Apple mail to Outlook. Visit the website of this tool right now!

To import mbox to Outlook 2019 or Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox to Outlook, get ‘Mail Extractor Pro’. today.

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