outlook email to apple mail

Convert Outlook Email to Apple Mail – How to Do It Without Data Integrity Incongruities!

Convert Outlook Email to Apple Mail

Outlook emails in Mac are stored inside OLM files. But the trouble is, OLM format isn’t supported in Mac Mail. So you have to convert Outlook email to Apple Mail by converting OLM files.

And any regular file converter often fails in converting data without losing any information or partially converting certain elements. This is called loss of data fidelity. With conventional tools, you’d find many incongruities in your output Apple Mail files.

But ‘OLM Extractor Pro‘ isn’t a tool that is conventionally built using inefficient algorithms. It’s a Mac based software app from USL Software that has what it takes to extract data from OLM files while keeping every data component secured.

There was a time when emails meant sending a simple text from one network to other. They have evolved into something far more complex with a rich variety of data forms being sent to another. You can format the text anyway you want, even including HTML text. You can add hyperlinks, cloud-based files, attach local files, embed images into the bodies of emails, embed word documents or excel sheets, use emails in the form of a conversation communication (nested emails), and more.

Convert Outlook to Apple Mail In Easy Way

On top of that, emails also have their properties, metadata, and headers that help us make sense of hundreds of emails we receive daily. These include information like the time and date when an email was sent/received/delivered/read. Or the email addresses to which an email was addressed to (to, cc, bcc) and the senders’ email address as well. There’s subject line, read/unread status, and more.

All such complexities of our modern day emails has made it the most effective and productive mode of communication. But it does make it a huge problem when you have to move that complex set of data across different email clients, like from Outlook to Apple Mail.

Not a surprise why plenty of regular converters fail to convert the entire set of contents within the files. They would miss at least few of the information elements I listed above (like images, or excel sheets, metadata, etc.)

Tool To Convert Outlook Email to Apple Mail

USL Software started the development of “OLM Extractor Pro” while keeping this rich complexity of email files mind. They dedicated exclusive logic to extract information cleanly. There’s separate scripting used to detect and handle items like non-English text characters (Unicode, DBCS, UTF-8), and so on.

The result of which is that when you use “OLM Extractor Pro,” you have nothing to worry about receiving fragmented files.

convert outlook email to apple mail

If you came here looking for the best way to convert Outlook emails to Apple Mail, this is definitely the tool that you need.

Along with its accuracy, it also delivers far more control over the process without unnecessary adding anything trivial or that which could be automated. You can choose to convert contacts and calendar entries per folder into a single VCF and ICS file respectively. You can choose to filter folders or manually remove anything that you don’t wish to convert.

This makes it a perfect fit in any situation, whether you are an IT professional looking to convert a massive amount of emails or just a home user wanting to move just a small database.

convert outlook emails to apple mail

Download To Convert Outlook Email to Apple Mail

There’s a trial version that lets you check out all the features in full details. The only limits the conversion to just ten items per folder. It’s the best approach to offer you a free demo without having you to lock you out from any of its premium feature that makes it the best converter out there.

Try now at https://www.olmextractorpro.com/.

Get the setup below and try it out!

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