Converting EMLX to PST is the Worst Way to Migrate Apple Mail data!

Inside your ‘Mail’ folder, you will find *.mbox files, and if you open these files, you will find EMLX files. And the files with *.mbox extension are not the standard MBOX format that is applicable in many other programs. These are, in essence, the file packages that store EMLX.

So, converting these EMLX files to PST to migrate Apple Mail data to Windows Outlook is not really a good idea.

Converting EMLX to PST

First of all, a single EMLX file contain a single email message. Secondly, the attachments and media are stored in different files. This makes the method of EMLX file conversion cumbersome. Handling of all these files and using a mediocre EMLX file converter is not a straightforward or even safe approach.

Here is the alternative we suggest.

You can either archive the data into standard MBOX files, which is not impossible in Apple Mail, but can still take time. Then, through a third-party converter, you can convert it to PST.

Best Way to Convert EMLX to PST

This can be done with the professional tool from USL Software called ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘.

converting emlx to pst

But, here is the thing: we also do not recommend converting MBOX to PST, even though the tool is perfectly capable of doing so. It has a second feature that works much better than any other techniques you can find.

Auto Load

Instead of EMLX and MBOX files, you can directly target your database, either the main database in default location or any other backup databases in other locations. This in practice is the same as converting EMLX files, but instead, it is automatic and also considers every other items that you may have in Apple Mail, including the attachments, graphics, media, and all other sorts of information.

Unique & Advanced

‘Mail Extractor Pro’ is designed to process every content with utmost precision. The precaution is taken through unique algorithms that do not result in broken or fragmented files. With other similar tools in this category, it can become time-consuming and also, the outcome is filled with missing contents.

For some, this may not be a big deal, as you may try it again. But a lot of times, it is virtually impractical to detect all the missing items or integrity errors from all the emails. In those cases, you may assume that the conversion was clean and thorough. It may be too late when you realize that the converter failed to pick up your graphical components or attachments or any other such details.

convert emlx to pst

Convert Everything

‘Mail Extractor Pro’ follows the proprietary mechanism of data-extraction that is responsible for offering you perfect copies of the original Apple Mail data, including the architecture such as the folder hierarchy, nested emails order, and so on. It also contains native indexing-system to retain the text in Unicode standard from anywhere, including email addresses, email text, or the headers. The non-textual attachments (media, application files, cloud-based files, etc.) are handled with optimized algorithms producing the desired outcome without any lapses.

Free Trial to Convert EMLX to PST

Go ahead to the official download page and get the installer file. Try the free demo version. You will realize how better this system works than the old traditional EMLX to Outlook PST conversion.

The free demo gives you freedom to check out the features in detail, without restrictions, but limits the emails to ten per folder. Enough to give you a complete idea of the tool’s worth. If you face any issues unique to your database, the support team will be more than happy to assist you.

Get free trial today for converting MBOX to PST or EMLX to PST.

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