convert mbox to pst

Converting MBOX to PST? Adopt this simple approach to mail conversion

To migrate your data from MBOX to PST you must choose a method which is as simple as possible. With Mail Extractor Pro there is no learning curse, no complicated manual processes, you can simply install it and begin converting your data. It works simply with the user having the least amount of responsibility possible. While a simple converter might damage your data, this software is secure against all sorts of possibilities of damage.

converting mbox to pst

Converting MBOX to PST directly in the mac

This software lets you convert your data in the mac itself in addition to various other facilities. It comes with an extremely simple interface that is also user-friendly. You will never have to face any complicated steps or figure out things by yourself. The interface serves as a trustworthy guide to you throughout the conversion. It provides all the features that are latest and most useful. It comes with a number of specific features which prove to simplify the conversion process for everyone.

Converting MBOX to PST for all types of data with user-friendly conversion

Using this software is never a puzzle, you just have to follow the instructions provided by the software. You are supposed just to choose the files that you might want to convert mbox to pst. Even though it might not sound like a big deal, this software leaves the empty folders behind, causing much lesser nuisance. Also, the service of this software is applicable to all languages, so you are never worried about either the conversion slowing down or any of your data being affected negatively by the process.

How direct mac conversion has revolutionized mail conversion

As you can convert your data directly in the mac, the conversion has become much simpler. In the usual method one had to invest much more time and energy to conversion. In contrast, here you are supposed just to select those files that you would like to convert. Those files would be converted in the mac itself. The number of steps and time required is much lesser this way.

Auto-load entire database to save time

It can be tiring to take out one folder at a time by selecting them, this software simplifies the process. It chooses the entire database of the MBOX and takes them for mbox to pst conversion. Needless to say, it saves you from a lot of stress. Also, to make sure that nothing is missing, it converts each and every detail, you would get the output the same as the input except for the change in the format.

Auto-preservation of folder hierarchy

This software automatically preserves the folder hierarchy, keeping the data as per its expected position in the database. This applies to details like attachments, bcc, cc and other metadata. Therefore, you do not have to keep an eye for conversion accuracy. For extra comfort, it also allows batch conversion.

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