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EML to PST conversion, Here is a tool that drives away all complications!

USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro is an excellent tool if you wish to have a hassle-free EML to PST conversion journey. The tool works seamlessly all the way to the end to give the users an impeccable experience in creating perfect replicas of their data files. The tool is meant for converting Apple mail, MBOX, Postbox, Thunderbird to Outlook and EML to PST files.

The EML to PST Conversion Tool

Mail Extractor Pro comes with a simple interface that can be comprehended even by the novices at the task. It thereby means that there is absolutely no use of technical jargons to complicate the interpretation for anyone. Moreover, users get access to round the clock customer care services for assistance on any aspect pertaining to import EML to Outlook.

eml to pst conversion

The conversion process too is a straightforward series of clicks based on simple preferences of the users with regards to the final conversion files.

A quick flowchart of the same would look somewhat like this:

  1. Upload the EML data files
  2. Select/De-select the files and folders for conversion
  3. Set PST file size
  4. Choose a location for saving output files
  5. Let the tool convert the files

As can be seen, the EML to PST conversion process with this tool is quite automated and thus can be completed in a jiffy. It is free of all sorts of complications. If you wish to verify the same, simply grab hold of a copy of the FREE demo version of the tool.

Watch out for the edgy features on this tool!

Mail Extractor Pro is deemed to be one of the best EML to PST converter tools in the market due to the impeccable composition of features on it. The features are not only advanced but also super smart in nature. Let us have a look at the best ones of these:

Auto load of data:

The tool is capable of automatically extracting the data files directly from the email client.

Bulk conversions:

The users have the option to convert multiple files at once.

Converts everything:

The tool is capable of converting all items on files such as contacts, calendars, notes, attachments, etc.

Unicode content:

The tool has specific algorithms that help it in precisely converting tricky Unicode content as well.

Preserves structure:

The tool maintains the overall folder hierarchy structure of the data files.

Splits large PST files:

This feature helps the users in controlling the size of the final PST files.

Supersonic speed:

The tool works at lightning fast speed without any interruptions.

Bug free:

The tool is entirely bug-free and thus safe for use.


All these features can be owned via 4 rationally priced license keys that the users can choose from.

Above and beyond this, the users can download the FREE demo version of the tool to test it before actual purchase. This version gives access to all the major features of the tool while limiting the conversions to 10 items per folder.

eml to pst conversion tool

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