Thunderbird Export to PST

Export Thunderbird to PST – Strategic App For Clever and Stress-free Migration!

Emails in Thunderbird are stored in native data files. You can archive the emails to MBOX and you can also import data using MBOX. But neither the native file nor the standard MBOX is applicable in Outlook for Windows and Mac clients.

Way to Export Thunderbird to PST

So, how do you transfer your emails to Outlook? You can do it by exporting Thunderbird to PST format using an email migration app from third-parties. If you go to ‘File’ –> Thunderbird, you will not find native option to do so.

But the problem is, there are many such tools for exporting Thunderbird to PST; none of them work the way you would want them to.

Mail Extractor Pro is an exception.

export thunderbird to pst

Designed with attention by USL Software, it is an excellent converter that provides a stress-free way to move your contents. All the algorithms are optimized down to the perfection, giving you an error-free approach regarding all the components inside your database. It is the only Thunderbird to Outlook conversion tool that safely converts Unicode text both from emails and headers, attachments (including large and non-textual files), embedded graphical elements, and more.

Moving on to the user-interface, Mail Extractor Pro introduces a single-screen wizard that de-clutters the interaction between user and the software. Through graphically powered UI, even the least experienced user will find it intuitive and simple. Comparing to this the other software apps, this tool changes the entire notion around the prospect of exporting Thunderbird to PST.

Here are few more features you would like to know:

  • It allows for auto-load conversion of Thunderbird’s native database in the default location. But you can also pick any other database (such as backup) by simply specifying the location it is saved at.
  • It is fully standalone and a desktop-based app, which means you do not need anything additional to convert your files. It also works without internet connection
  • The tool manages to precisely convert not just emails and related data, but also contacts and calendar entries.
  • The speed adds another dimension to its efficiency. You can move a large Thunderbird database into PST files without wasting unnecessary time.
  • The option of splitting large files allow you to avoid getting oversized PST files, which can be difficult to import.
exporting thunderbird to pst

Here is how export Thunderbird to PST:

  1. Launch after installing and click on “Load”
  2. Choose ‘Autoload’ if you want to migrate the primary Thunderbird Profile/Identity
  3. Or, choose ‘Open’ to manually select other backup databases you want to export to PST.
  4. You are free to remove any needless folders that do not need migrating
  5. Click ‘Convert’
  6. Once the conversion is finished, you can check out the conversion log or directly open the output folder
  7. The PST files can be used with both Mac and Windows Outlook to import data.
how to export thunderbird to pst

There are several licenses you can pick from, such as household/personal use, small-scale company, or for IT departments for large corporations. The only difference between them is the number of machines you can install the tool on.

Alternatively, you can try the free demo edition now to evaluate everything in depth.

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