import from mac mail to thunderbird

Import from Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Leave all the Outdated Methods to Import from Mac Mail to Thunderbird Behind and Choose This.

Import from Mac Mail to Thunderbird

If you will do a quick Google search on how to import from Mac Mail to Thunderbird, you will get dozens of several manual or software solutions. You most likely already have and didn’t like any of them, since you are here looking for the perfect way to import Mac Mail data to Thunderbird.

There are methods like IMAP sync approach, manually converting each file from Mac Mail individually (such as EMLX files). There are many other weird and demoing methods.

We are not going to over them just for the sake of information, especially since this post is specifically about avoiding these techniques.

It should be noted, though, that the reasons they don’t work is because they don’t have the necessary power and internal processing algorithms to get all the convoluted information that the modern day email files contain properly converted. Neither manual solutions work as you’d like them to nor any third-party software program that aren’t built specifically to convert the more nuanced data information.

Way to Import from Mac Mail to Thunderbird

So, without further sulking over the methods that don’t work. We want you to introduce to this far more efficient, risk-free, and quick approach that will get you to your goal easily.

You need “Mail Extractor Max“.

Yes, it’s another third-party tool, but it’s built by USL Software, the same name behind plenty of other notable solutions for email migration. This time around, USL Software, tackled the tricky nature of Mac Mail to Thunderbird export, and through years of experience in this domain, came up with a solutions that works surprisingly well.

It’s surprising because it’s perfect. And that’s something in the realm of email migration tasks. That are usually filled with errors, unproductive manual steps, and other annoyances.

import from mac mail to thunderbird

The Perfect and best way

The way “Mail Extractor Max” works, and why it is the best, is by directly targeting the Mac Mail profile database, instead of asking users to manually look for the files that Mac Mail uses.

This makes a sizable improvement in the precision of output.

The tool’s smart algorithms find every single item inside the database folder. It gives you a preview of all the contents inside the database. And it allows you to remove any folder that you dont’ want to convert, and then proceed to convert straight from the source.

You will find everything right where they should be, in the right order, and with all their metadata preserved.

It also helps that the interface of “Mail Extractor Max” has an impressive abstraction that takes all the automated operations (that are otherwise required to be performed manually in other typical conversion solutions). And it presents to nothing but a basic yet functional UI.

It contains the options that you need. That makes a positive impact to the output. And that helps you give freedom and control over the things that matter.

Note that “Mail Extractor Max” is built not just for Mac Mail to Thunderbird conversion. It can also convert Mac Mail to Entourage, Outlook Mac, Postbox, and even generic files like MBOX and EML.

mac mail to thunderbird

Get it to Import from Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Try out its free demo available on the official page, for which the link is given below.

Get it here:

USL Software backs up each of their tools by the 24×7 available support to make it even easier than their smart interfaces already do.

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