Mail data to Outlook

Import Mail Data to Outlook using Personal Data Files called PST

If you wish to import Mail data to Outlook, you can do easily using the tutorial below.

Usually, you will find tutorials that take you through countless steps, using many different files and other software as the medium through which data is transferred. This is due to the fact that there is no one single file that works in both ‘Mail’ and ‘Outlook.’

But forget about al; that. You can skip all those myriads of steps and instead import Mail data to Outlook using personal data files native to Outlook, called PST.

How to import Mail data to Outlook

The simple guide below to convert Apple Mail folders into PST will surprise you with its simplicity and efficiency, especially if you have previously tried other techniques.

The suggested method below needs only one additional tool called ‘Mail Extractor Pro’, and in just a few clicks, you will be able to migrate to Outlook. What’s even more amazing is that this way, you can export ‘Mail’ in either of Mac and Windows’ version of Outlook. Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook both support PST format.

How to import Mail data to Outlook

“Mail Extractor Pro” is also a MacOS compatible software program, so you don’t even have to perform extra steps to first move the ‘Mail’ database to a Windows PC. Or even have to export ‘Mail’ data to MBOX format. None of that is necessary. The tool can use the complete and whole database folder (mailbox) as input and convert your emails directly from there.

Note that, it can convert MBOX, EML, Mac Mail, Postbox and Thunderbird to PST file for Mac & Win Outlook.

This is how the entire process looks like:

  1. Launch “Mail Extractor Pro” in your MacOS.
  2. Click on Auto-load to automatically use the default ‘Mail’ database folder as the source/input, or click on ‘Open’ to use any other ‘Mail’ database folders that you want to export to Outlook
  3. After that, you are free to refine the selection of “Mail” folders to convert or skip, or leave the default setting, which is that all folders are selected for conversion
  4. Set the limit for the PST file. It’s a good idea to not let PST become too large due to performance issue. ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ can auto-split them if needed.
  5. Then just hit the ‘Start’ button
  6. After the conversion is over, you can use the PST files as needed. They will work on both MacOS an Windows version of Outlook.

Other notable ways ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ makes the task of importing ‘Mail’ data to Outlook so convenient and elegant:

  • It also supports MBOX to PST conversion
  • 100% conversion of Unicode text
  • Supports MIME headers conversion
  • Friendly and basic interface
  • High conversion speed
  • Keeps folders in their source hierarchy
  • Retains the read/unread status of emails
  • Single-click button to ignore all empty folders
  • Detailed and short conversion report/log for high-end users
  • Bulk conversions supported
import Mail data to Outlook

“Mail Extractor Pro” is a convenient, lightweight, beginner friendly, and safe MacOS program that is downloadable using the link below. You can check out all the above listed features and see for yourself why the tool consistently ranks as number one solution for importing ‘Mail’ to PST.

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