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FAQs on Mail Extractor Pro – an email conversion tool that converts MBOX to Outlook free

Since the day that it was launched in the email conversion tools market, Mail Extractor Pro has managed to dominate the market with its performance charm.

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This success is justified as this tool converts MBOX to Outlook free. It gives results that are way above the standard results of an average tool. Even if we humble down the words, the results given by this amazing MBOX to Outlook free conversions software are no less than perfect. Users thereby deserve a better insight into the working of such an amazing tool. And this list of FAQs will do just that!

Q. What can I do if I have a huge database for MBOX to Outlook free conversions?

A. The answer to this is pretty simple. If a user has a huge database then utilizing the manual conversions as an option goes out of the window. The best way, any user can deal with MBOX to Outlook free conversions involving large database, is to opt for professional third party conversion software.

The choice of software must further be guided by the tools capability to handle larger conversions. If you look closely, you will find that Mail Extractor Pro is a conversion tool that is not only capable of but has specifically been built for the purpose of handling complex MBOX to Outlook or Apple Mail to Outlook conversions. To add to its charm, this tool can perfectly complete the conversions in the blink of an eye.

MBOX to Outlook

Q. I have decided to move to Outlook. Do I need to forego my email graphics due to MBOX to Outlook free conversions?

A. Sadly, many a times, users lose the essential features of their data as a result of the conversion processes. Loss of elements such as graphics, Unicode, metadata, signatures, etc is a common complaint arising out of the use of the ordinary tools.

But Mail Extractor Pro is different from the rest. This sturdy tool manages to transfer each and every element into the PST format so precisely. The new files are just as good as the older ones. The files will not only contain the elements but will also sustain the complete structure of the original content.

Folder Hierarchy, for instance, gets completely retained in the converted files as well. If you do choose Mail Extractor Pro as your choice of MBOX to Outlook free conversions tool then you need not compromise on any aspect of your database.

Q. I have mails with Chinese content on it. Which MBOX to Outlook free conversions software will convert that for me?

A. There is only one MBOX to PST converter software that can precisely convert non-English content in an email. Mail Extractor Pro has the unique algorithms. It helps to extract the Unicode for the double-byte characters that are used in languages such as Chinese.

Further, this MBOX to Outlook free conversions software has the technology to further treat the content and convert it into PST (an Outlook format).

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