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Want to Migrate Email from Thunderbird to Outlook? Here is how you do it?

Migrating Email from Thunderbird to Outlook is never easy. The functionalities, complexities and data at stake makes it all a risky process. So, messing up with your migration process is not an option.

Manually attempting the process is like traveling down a painful path that has no end to it. The best way to go about the process of Migrating Email from Thunderbird to Outlook is by using all the help you can have. So, the best help you can have is a third-party Thunderbird to Outlook conversion tool.

Choose the right one and everything will be alright

Third-party converters are you best bet to achieve the level of conversion you are looking for. The tools are software developed with the sole purpose of making the process of Migrate Email from Thunderbird to Outlook easier, better, faster and smarter.

The Only issue with third-party converters is selecting the right tool for the job. Every Converter tool out in the market promises the world to you buy most fail to deliver on that promise.

Only USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro not only promises you the best of everything but also delivers it. The toolbox of features that the tool supports has everything in its arsenal that you require to nail your attempt of Migrating Email from Thunderbird to Outlook.

thunderbird to outlook

Speed is the key

Speed of any conversion process decides that whether you are going to just stare at a computer screen sitting idle for hours or all will be done in a flash and you won’t even notice.

With Mail Extractor Pro it’s the latter case. The tool uses the approach of mass migration to make the process of Migrating Email from Thunderbird to Outlook faster and efficient. Mass Conversion allows one in order to select all of the data in which one wish to change.

Once done with all the selection the tool converts everything selected in a single go. This cuts down largely on the time wasted in selecting all the files one by one. The accuracy of the conversion process is retained by the tool and isn’t affected by the number of files being converted in a single go.

Therefore, make and quick and efficient with Mail Extractor Pro.

Leave nothing behind

Data loss is another major problem that has been tackled by Mail Extractor Pro. One of the biggest problem with Migrating Email from Thunderbird to Outlook is data loss. While loading the email database file for conversion, many mbox to pst conversion tools used to leave something or the other behind.

Mail Extractor Pro ended this problem for once and all. The tool automated the process of loading up of email database file. Since the entire process is automated there is no scope of error left.

migrate email from thunderbird to outlook

Therefore, none of your precious data is left behind, making your conversion process a complete one.

Get Mail Extractor Pro to convert MBOX to PST, Thunderbird to PST, Postbox to as wells Mac Mail to PST.

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