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OST to PST Conversion Solution at Zero Data Loss


EMAIL being the most widely used means of communication, has its own pros and cons. Migration from one account to another or storage of email data are some things that needs to be taken care of it. This article guides you to the ultimate tool that makes all that stuff easy.

OST to PST Conversion

The leaders in the email solutions, USL Software came up with the one tool which does it all. OST Extractor Pro is your answer to all the email related problems. Be it OST to PST conversion or OST to Mailbox or Thunderbird conversion, it does all. The tool provides all round solution to all email related problems, you name it and it can solve it.

The major problem that occurs during email migration is movement of data from the older client to new client or clients. Leading email providers like Outlook etc uses data files for storing and updating of data. Data files are the files in which all the email related data is stored by the service provider.


Outlook majorly uses two types of data files: OST and PST.

OST files are used for storing email related data like the text messages and stuff. They work on the internal side of the Outlook. They are downloaded by default on your offline storage for managing and updating purposes. You can do all the important work without worrying about being connected to the internet. After all the updating is done, it will be synced onto the online server once you reconnect with it. But it becomes a problem if the host account is deleted.

For this purpose, PST files are used. They are used for manually backing up the data and for importing data into Outlook. So if the data needs to be extracted from an OST file it needs to be converted into PST.

OST to PST Conversion Tool

Here, OST Extractor Pro comes into play. The conversion process is more complex than it looks like because of the fact that both files involved hold different types of data. So, converting those needs help of professional level. OST Extractor Pro provides you that.

ost to pst conversion

It is the most recommended tool on everybody’s list for a reason and that is the accuracy level of the tool. OST Extractor Pro converts each and every type of OST file, even damaged and corrupted ones, down to the last byte of data.

The one of a kind algorithm not only converts all of the data but maintains the ingenuity and integrity of data that makes the tool stand above everything else in the market.

Integrity means maintain the file structure of the input file in the output file so there are no surprises when you go through the output files.

It provides you with a very interesting interface for such a powerful tool. The interface makes it looks like basic software hiding all the powerful stuff that may overwhelm a beginner.

And still if you face a problem there is a 24X7 helpline available for help too.

ost to pst conversion tool

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The tool is available for free to download as a trial and has all the premium features unlocked that allows you to test its mettle before going for the premium version. So go download your free trial today for OST to PST conversion.

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